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Cristian arrived in Japan from Argentina in 2004.

Naoko became a professional dancer on stage in a tango show in 2003. They formed as a real couple in 2008. In addition to conducting classes in Tokyo, they also hold workshops in Japan and abroad, giving performances at many milongas and events.

Their refined dance is well received, widely known and they have many fans. They have won tango competitions in Japan and Argentina, and have been working in Buenos Aires for about two years since 2011, becoming regular dancers at Rojo Tango in the famous Hotel Faena.

They also took part in events in Colombia and Venezuela. Since 2013 they have again used Tokyo as a base and have been active in events in South Korea, Indonesia, Russia and Italy. In June 2015, they opened the Buenos Aires tango salon in Minami Aoyama.

They recently performed with Takarazuka’s former top stars, receiving all the media’s attention. They have performed in musicals and operas, and are also active as choreographers.