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Horacio Godoy

Starting his professional career in 1991, Horacio “Pebete” Godoy is today one of the most renowned Tango dancers and teachers. His engagements in various Tango productions has led him all over the world, but the place he is best known from is “La Viruta” – the most famous Milonga in Buenos Aires and the World – which he manages since 1994.

As a true artist he expresses in his dance his emotions, his own understanding and interpretation of Tango which is rooted in the more than one century long Tango history and codigos of the Milongas of Buenos Aires. By not following the mainstream trends of the Art but his own expression of the music, Horacio has found his own, very special way.

With his deep understanding of musicality which he shares in his classes and whenever talking to him, with his ease and gravity of dancing, he inspires the tango community all over the world and touches our souls.

As a teacher he has the mission to give his students the essence of Tango – the expression, the musicality and the fun – and not just the next fancy movement, complicated step combination or technical perfectionism. It can be described as “elevating and down to earth at the same time”.

Maricel Giacomini

This year Maricel Giacomini will be teaching together with Horacio Godoy. Maricel Giacomini was born in Buenos Aires and dancing, singing and hearing tango was present in her daily life in her family house. When whe was around 15 years old, she started taking tango classes and went to milongas which finally made her fall in love with tango.

Over the years, she started teaching and dancing professionally. In 2005 she was the Metropolitan runner-up of Tango Salon. In 2007 she achieved the third place in the Tango Salon World Championship and in the 2008 she was the runner-up of the Stage Tango World Championship with her partner Maximiliano Cristiani.

She was being part of the cast of tango shows in Buenos Aires like Cátulo Tango, Esquina Homero Manzi, Tango Palace, Café Tortoni, La Cumparsita, and several tango companies traveling around the world, like “M¡longa” (2012-2017) that had performed tango in prestigious theaters around the world like Moscu Bolshoi, Sydney Opera House, Oslo Opera House, Taiwan National Theatre, London´s Sadler Wells, New Your City Center among others. Since 2009 she is part of “La Viruta Tango Club” where she is currently giving lessons and dancing with Horacio “Pebete” Godoy.

In 2021 Maricel received the “Ontological Coaching Certificate” that trained her with specific tools to facilitate the learning, the connection and the communication.