Milonga in Salerno Campania


Our milonga in Salerno Campania is located in a central area of the city, the room is designed and finished with the best materials to make you live a dance experience as the best Argentine milongas. You will find a friendly atmosphere, you can enjoy a good pizza, drinks and great music to dance the evening.


Our milonga in Salerno


The hall extends over two levels, the first, the main one and the second one on the upper level which ensures a larger space for the evenings with events. Both rooms are ventilated and conditioned with a faux parquet flooring that guarantees optimal comfort for dancing the evening.
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Audio system

The audio system of the milonga is composed of 7 loudspeakers, of which 5 are two-way distributed around the room and 2 speakers for low frequencies: a woofer and a subwoofer. This way we guarantee a natural sound every musical detail to make you live a unique experience of its kind.
audio system milonga salerno


The room is decorated with "murals" painted by hand of great originality and artistic value with vaults and typical notes of Argentine culture. The refinement of its details immediately takes us to the places where it originated tango and makes us live a dance and a unique social experience.
milonga argentina salerno

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