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Enter the world of Tango in 1996. Since then, she has been fully immersed in all aspects of Tango culture: dance, history, music, lyrics, etc. She describes herself as “First a Milonguera, then a Teacher, and finally a DJ (although she considers ‘musicalizer’ more appropriate)”. From 2000 to 2004, she was part of the company “Abrazo de Tango”, with Marcela Vallejos and Guillermo Boyd as directors. In 2003, she participated in the first World Championship (reaching the Finals) and made her first performances in Buenos Aires, at Porteño y Bailarin, Salon La Argentina, and CITA. Between 2010 and 2012, she performed with the renowned teacher and dancer Jesús Velazquez, and since 2013, she has been a professional couple with Leo Ortiz, Metropolitan Milonga Champion 2015, with whom she works in Argentina, Italy, and various parts of the world, specializing in Milonga. Her first experiences as a musicalizer occurred in Buenos Aires, first at Porteño y Bailarín, and then at Fulgor de Villa Crespo (Si sos brujo, Seguime si podes, El entrevero). When she started coming regularly to Rome, thanks to the trust of the organizers, she began to do it more and more often, always under the watchful eye (and ear) of one of her Masters, Jorge Dispari. This gave her the opportunity to have a “personalized training” through his accurate, precise, and loving feedback after each series, and encouraged her to do it systematically and more professionally. In recent years, she has begun to musicalize at some of the most recognized events in Italy and Europe, but you can also find her at local milongas, both in Rome and Buenos Aires. She is convinced that her previous experience, her holistic knowledge of Tango, and her “internal milonguera” make her particularly aware of the dance floor and permanently connected to its “temperature” and the desires of the dancer.


An Argentinean native, Dante started Argentine Tango in Jujuy, a province in the north of Argentina, where he also studied ballet with his teacher Fulvia Chagra de Gruber and Andrei Kozlov (ex principle dancer of the Kiev Opera).
Dante has been dancing Tango for over 20 years. After performing in the most well known Milongas in Buenos Aires he moved to the UK in 2008 where he started his own Tango School with his first partner Miriam Orcutt. They have also been invited to teach and perform in various countries of Europe, South & North America, Asia and Africa.
Dante has also participated in International Festivals such as Mallorca Tango Festival, Porto International Tango Festival, Ulverston Music Festival and the International Book Fair in Guadalajara as a cultural ambassador representing the UK together with Aurora Orchestra. He is the director of two important Tango Schools in the UK “The Northern Tango Academy” and the “Oxford Tango Academy” with professional resident maestros from Buenos Aires.